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Drogichin district
executive committee
Industry of Drogichin district is presented by 9 enterprises:

1. JSC «Drogichin feed mill»

225612, Drogichin, Shosseynaya str., 7
Director – Voytovich Alexandr Vasilyevich, phone: 8 016 44 34498, fax: 8 016 44 30135

Performs the following basic activities:

- produces feeds for animals keeping on farms;
- produces bread, rolls and buns, confectionery
- wholesale of grain, seed and feed for farming animals.

2. Unitary industrial enterprise «Premiks» JSC «Drogichin feed mill».

225612, Drogichin, Shosseynaya str., 7
Director – Ostapchuk Eduard Viktorovich, phone: 8 016 44 31541

3. JSC «Drogichin tractor repair plant»

225612, Drogichin, Zavodskaya str., 16
Director – Sposob Anatoliy Ivanovich, phone: 8 01644 30131, fax: 8 01644 30400

Specializes on production of industrial products for agriculture, spares to different kinds of agricultural machinery, consumer goods.

The main kinds of production:

- wide-cut combined aggregate AKSH-6;
- weeding outfit AB-9;
- grain elevator NZP-20 и 2NZP-20;
- pumps NBU-20;
- iron casting, spares to agricultural machinery, details to plough PNO-3+1-42, ploughshare, details to imported machinery.

4. Republican unitary enterprise «Ekzon».

225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 202
Director – Shirkovets Alexandr Dmitrievich, phone: 8 01644 31723, fax: 8 01644 30729

Republican unitary enterprise «Ekzon» performs production and realization of medicaments and biologically active supplements. Production of hematogen and syrups.

The main consumers of the production of republican unitary enterprise «Ekzon» are: republican and regional enterprises «Farmatsiya», LLS «Komfarn», unitary enterprise «Medfarminvest». Besides, the consumers of the production are health and leisure institutions , and sanatoriums.

Republican unitary enterprise «Ekzon» has about 25,0% in volume terms of consumer goods production in district volume terms.

5. Republican unitary industrial enterprise «Ekzon-Gljukoza»

225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 204

Director – Levchuk Alexandr Antonovich, phone: 8 01644 30084, fax: 8 01644 31025

The main kind of activity is production of glucose syrup. On December 29, 2008 the enterprise accepted in operation the workshop on the production of corn starch with the output 70 tones of corn in a day (2 000 tones in a month). The enterprise produces:

– corn flour;
– dry gluten;
– raw feed.

6. Joint Belarusian-Russian Enterprise «Frost and Co» - LLS

225849, Belarus, Brest region, Drogichin district, v.Khomsk, Sovetskaya str., 52
General Director - Moroz Vladimir Vasilyevich, phone: 8 01644 77441

The field of activity is production of mineral water “Frost”. At the present time JE «Frost and Co» LLS is prospectively developing enterprise and has the third place on the market of mineral waters in the Republic of Belarus.

On the enterprise is also developed production of soda with the tastes of cranberry, lemon, still mineral and iodine water.

7. Communal unitary enterprise «Drogichin combine of consumer services»

225612, Drogichin , Lenin str., 30
Director – Chaykovskiy Viktor Viktorovich, phone: 8-01644-3-06-67

Renders services to the population, enterprises and organizations of the district in 13 kinds of consumer services, including 11 social- significant services.

Ensure the fulfillment of rules of State social standards, rural population is served by 17 complexes - reception centres.

8. JSC «Antopol cotton weaving plant»

225850, Drogichin district, Antopol township, Sovetskaya str., 153
Director – Radchuk Gennadiy Anatolyevich, phone: 8 01644 66371

It produces mattress covers, blankets, bedding. At the present time is discussed the question about possibility of realization of the investment project «Production of insulation veneers on basis of basalt fiber » with the amount of financing 10000 mln. roubles.

9. Branch «Koopzagotprom» of Drogichin regional Consumer Society
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 2
Director – Rapinchuk Alexandr Vasilyevich, phone: 8 01644 33861

It produces rolls and buns, confectionery, sausages, meat foods and provision of agricultural production. Besides, it performs retail and wholesale trade, foreign-economic activity.
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
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