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Drogichin district
executive committee
Manager of Administrative Department of District Executive Committee

Alexander Nikolaevich


(+375 1644) 3-12-43

Management of the administrative department and ensuring of the District Executive Committee activity.


Matters of:

  • control over performance of the work plan of the district executive committee;
  • planning and providing an agenda of the executive committee's work;
  • coordination of work of the apparatus, departments, boards and services of the district executive committee on questions of the rules observance of the district executive committee and the internal schedule;
  • organization of conducting of confidential office-work and communication;
  • matters of verbal and written appeals and control over their solutions;
  • preparation of resolution's and decree's projects;
  • agendas of the session of the executive committee;
  • carrying out of the control over timely presentetion of the decree's projects and necessary materials for them;
  • matters of the control over fulfilment of the solutions, decrees and orders;
  • management of the technical-organizational preparation of the district executive committee's sessions;
  • transport and hotel services;
  • introduction of the proposals on taking the solutions of the district executive committee off the control;
  • organization of the control studying and fulfilment of documents in departments, boards and rural executive committees;
  • informing of the heads of the district executive committee about the documents by the higher representative and administrative bodies and of the control over their resolutions' fulfillment;
  • administrative commission;
  • economic targets.

Leading the activity of:

  • General Department;
  • Department of civilian registrar's;
  • Juridical office
  • Accounting Department;
  • General service department.
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
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