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Drogichin district
executive committee
The Deputy Head of the District Executive Committee - Glinsky Sergei Sergeevich

Glinsky Sergei Sergeevich

(+375 1644) 3-11-79

Analysis, development and introduction of the general strategy of social-economic development of the region. Management of the agroindustrial complex. Matters of agricaltural production and processing, forestry, land resources and preservation of the environment.

Matters of:

  • food stocks and supply of raw materials to the enterprises processing agricultural products;
  • natural resources and preservation of the environment;
  • development of beekeeping;
  • development of the subsidiary plots of the enterprises and organizations, personal subsidiary plots, gardening associations and farms;
  • forestry and land resources;
  • production-methodical complex - 3 trusts of «Brestvodstroj»;
  • agricultural-production complex and the state unitary agricultural enterprise «Factory on tribal animals “Zakozedsky”;
  • republican production trade unitary enterprise «Fish farm «Novosjolky»;
  • labour protection in supervised branches;
  • district committee of the trade union of the agroindustrial complex workers;
  • district association of hunters and fishers;
  • weather station;
  • unitary enterprise «Drogichenskij production-methodical complex»;
  • beetroot point of the public corporation «Jabinka sugar-refinery»;
  • drogichin district governmental revision on seed-growing;
  • quarantine and plant protection;
  • cooperatieve unitary enterprise «Drogichin inter-district flax-seed station»;
  • drogichin district veterinary station;
  • republican agricultural unitary enterprise « Brest tribal enterprise» branch office;
  • drogichin district land surveying and geodesic service;
  • timely payments in supervising industries;
  • carrying out of the activities' management;
  • agricultural and foodstuffs departments.
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
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