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Drogichin district
executive committee
Establishment of health care «Drogichin district central hospital»

Chief medical officer – Protasevich Alexander Stepanivich


The address of the institution: 225612 Brest region, Drogichin, 40, 9 May street, tel. 8016 44 30128, tel/fax 3 17 59

E-mail: rtmodrg@brest.by

Speaking about the social development of Drogichin district in the second half of the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century we can't help mentioning efforts made by the authorities in the sphere of health care. In 1883 the pharmacist Felix Stanislavov opened a rural pharmacy in the township of Drogichin . On October 12, 1899 at the session of Grodno provincial executive committee the decision to built a hospital in Drogichin was taken, the cost being 20 855 rubles 35 copecks. In 1910 a clinic for 10 beds was opened in the township of Antopol . It was located in the house, which was let for a term of six years by the peasant Ivan Gurin. The rental fee was 550 rubles a year. According to the approved cost of July,3 1911 2 000 rubles a year was allocated for its maintenance, 22-24 copecks for meals for a patient a day, 5 copecks for bandaging material. At that time medical aid was rendered by medical assistants in Homsk, Bezdezh, Zelovo.

From March 18, 1921 at the Riga Peace Treaty Drogichin district went into Poland .

Polish authorities took little care of people's health. In 1935 only 7 doctors, 5 of whom were private practitioners, served the population of almost 100 000 people. Local doctors worked at outpatient clinics in Yanov and Homsk. In Brashevichi people were treated by a medical assistant. In Drogichin there was a hospital run by the local self-administration at the expense of the population. In 1936 it contained 59 beds, 16 of which for patients with internal diseases, 22- for surgery patients, 8 – for infectious patients and 4 for parturient women. Daily cost of the treatment was 3-6 Zlotys. Many people could not afford the treatment.

In 1947 there were 3 hospitals, 5 midwife stations, a maternity hospital, a policlinic, a first aid station, maternity consulting and pediatric centre, a sanitary and epidemiological station, a malarial station, a T.B. post and 3 outpatient clinics in the district. If in 1945 only 2 doctors and medical assistants worked in the district, in 1950 – 12 and 36 respectively, then in 1954 more than 100 qualified specialists, of whom 16 were doctors with higher education, provided medical aid to the population.

E.M.Savinkova was a young girl, when she came to work in the district after graduating from the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute in 1946. She worked as gynecologist, head of the maternity consulting and pediatric clinic, district pediatrician. For strong qualifications in her work she was awarded the title of Honoured Doctor of the Belarusian SSR in 1968.

The position of the Chief medical officer was held by:

From 01.07.1944 till 01.07.1956 – Tserentyan D.M., simultaneously he was the Chief medical officer of the District public health department.

From 02.07.1956 till 16.10.1956 – Belevich A.G., he was the Chief medical officer of the District public health department.

From 17.10.1956 till 31.12.1958 – Pavlyuchuk N.I.

From 02.01.1959 till 21.05.1965 - Belevich A.G.

From 17.04.1965 till 13.04.1986 – Bantser P.E.

From 14.04.1986 till 04.01.2004 – Meleshkevich V.A.

In 1954 Osovtsy rural district hospital was headed by the graduate of Minsk Medical Institute Ignatyuk A.V. She dedicated almost 40 years of her life to the people's health protection. In 1971 for her selfless labour she was honoured with the highest at the time award – The Order of Lenin .

Bozhko G.P. became Excellence in Public Health of the USSR . After graduating from Vitebsk medical institute in 1959 he worked continually in the district hospital till 1994.

During the 10 th five year period medical care of the district population meliorated considerably. In 1980 a policlinic at 600 visits per shift was put into service in Drogichin, in 1981 – a district hospital for 225 beds.

Since 22.03.2004 public health service of Drogichin district has been headed by Protasevich A.S.

Medical aid to the population is : Drogichin central hospital for 270 beds and polyclinic at 375 visits per shift. Antopol municipal hospital for 30 beds and polyclinic at 54 visits per shift. Antopol nursing hospital for 25 beds, Radostovo and Bezdezh rural district hospitals for 25 beds each; of which 20 therapeutic and 5 medical and social, 5 medical clinics and 4 first-aid posts.

The Chief medical officer of the health care facility “Drogichin central district hospital” - Protasevich A.S., Ist qualification category in specialization “ Public health administration”. Tel. 8 0162 44 30128

HCF “Drogichin central district hospital” administration:

Deputy Chief of the medical unit : Brashko Nikolay Leonidovich tel. 3 07 09

Deputy Chief of medical service of the population: Vaschuk Elena Vladimirovna tel. 3 14 10

Deputy Chief of forensic medicine and rehabilitation: Savchuk Gennady Vasilyevich tel. 3 25 48

Information about the reception time on personal matters, the health care facility Drogichin central district hospital administration:



Time of reception

Protasevich Alexander Stepanovich

Chief medical officer

Wednesday 8.00-14.00

1st Saturday of the month 9.00-10.00

Vaschuk Elena Vladimirovna

Deputy Chief of medical service of the population

Friday 9.00-15.00

3d Saturday of the month 9.00-10.00

Brashko Nikolay Leonidovich

Deputy Chief of the medical unit

Monday 9.00-12.00 Saturday 14.00-17.00

2nd Saturday of the month 9.00-10.00

Savchuk Gennadii Vasilyevich

Deputy Chief of forensic medicine and rehabilitation

Monday 9.00-12.00 Friday 15.00-18.00

4 th Saturday of the month 9.00-10.00

Preliminary registration for personal reception of citizens is made on tel. 3 17 59

928 people work in health care: of whom 107 doctors, 430 nurses, 391 paramedical personnel and others.

Structural units of HCF “Drogichin central district hospital”:

Therapeutics department Gladky Nikolay Vitalievich 3 11 52

Surgery department Scorb Vladimir Petrovich 3 11 91

Obstetric and gynecology department 3 06 04

Scorb Lyudmila Vasilievna 3 11 93

Children's department Mlynchik Larisa Konstantinovna 3 63 48

Nevrological department Savchuk Svetlana Mikhailovna 3 06 50

Infectious diseases department Gritsuk Svetlana Alekseevna 3 16 79

Resuscitation and anaesthesiology department Radyuk Vladimir Vladimirovich 3 04 83

Policlinic Litvinchuk Valentina Vladimirovna 3 04 37

Structural units of the policlinic:

Therapeutics department Yarmots Elena Evgenyevna

Surgery department Nikolaychik Anatoly Fedorovich

Children's department Nikolaychik Lyudmila Vladimirovna 3 63 04

Dental clinic Chirko Arseny Aleksandrovich 3 28 81

Obstetric and gynecology department Litvinchuk Oleg Alekseevich 3 03 37

Rehabilitation department Makarevich Natalya Vasilievna

Blood transfusion department Marchuk Maria Ivanovna 3 11 67

Clinicodiagnostic laboratory Avseenko Valentina Ignatievna 3 11 34

Antopol Municipal Hospital Nestyuk Sergei Aleksandrovich 6 61 08 1, Sovetskaya street

Antopol hospital nursing care Lukashevich Elena Vasilievna 6 63 60 1, Sovetskaya street

Bezdezh rural district hospital Konon Nikolay Vladimirovich 7 46 86 1, Zelenaya street

Radostovo rural district hospital Kuchko Valery Evdokimovich 7 64 89 8, Vostochnaya street

Detkovichi outpatient clinic Kostyakova Vera Viktorovna 6 11 18 11, Engels street

Zakozel outpatient clinic 7 52 81 1/1, Shkolnaya street

Osovtsy outpatient clinic Korol Zhanna Nikolaievna 7 82 18 2, Sovetskaya street

Homsk outpatient clinic Komar Raisa Ivanovna 7 74 37 3, Sovetskaya street

Popina outpatient clinic Dovgun Svetlana Ivanovna 5 95 37 1, Komsomolskaya street

The following medical examination is done at Health care facility “Drogichin central district hospital”:

Ultrasound diagnostics of the diseases of the inner organs: liver, gallbladder with the study of the function, kidneys and adrenal glands, urinary bladder with residual urine volume evaluation, prostate gland, spleen, organs of the scrotum, soft tissues, lymph nodes, mammary glands, salivary glands.

Echocardiography (M+B mode, Doppler)

Doppler ultrasonography of brachiocephalic arteries (one basin)

Ultrasonography of pregnant women in accordance with duration of gestation (I, II, III trimester)

Functional diagnostics: Holter [ambulatory] monitoring ECG and ABP, assessment of external respiration function, veloergometry, reovazography , reoencephalography , audiometry, electroencephalography, express Helicobacter pylori diagnostics during fibrogastroduodenoscopy.

Paid medical services provided by the Health care facility “Drogichin central district hospital”

  1. Medical examination, pre-trip medical inspection of drivers.
  2. Medical aid to foreign citizens.
  3. Dental care and dental prosthetics.
  4. Nontraditional methods of diagnosis and alternative treatment (acupuncture).
  5. Physiotherapy (massage, mechanotherapy).
  6. Diagnostics (ultrasonography, radiography, laboratory examinations).
  7. Addictology ( relief of abstinence syndrome, narcological examination).
  8. Inpatient medical and social assistance.
  9. Gynecology (placing and extraction of an intrauterine device, vacuum aspiration, induced abortion, operative sterilization ).
  10. Immunization ( on a voluntary basis).
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
Drogichin district
executive committee
225612, Drogichin, Lenin str., 138,
e-mail: drgrik@brest.by
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